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Oracle ODevC Day 2018

El Jueves  2 de Agosto de 2018 , tendremos nuestro tradicional evento de tecnología Oracle, Oracle ODevC Day. La idea es compartir de Oracle APEX, PL/SQL Best Practices, Java frameworks, contenedores (docker, openshift, …), frameworks de desarrollo, metodologias ágiles, desarrollo en la nube, desarrollo mobile, tecnologías emergentes, y mucho más!!.


Dirección: Av Belavista 7, Recoleta, Santiago

Sala: Salon de exposiciones

Precios de Tickets

Tarifas de acuerdo a la fecha de TRANSFERENCIA o PAGO DE INSCRIPCION

Early Bird (hasta el 30 de junio 2018): 10.000 CLP
Precio Preferencial (1 de Julio al 15 de Julio): 15.000 CLP
Precio Normal: (16 de Julio al 1 de agosto): 20.000 CLP
Precio Dia del Evento: (2 de agosto): 25.000 CLP

Fecha: 2 de Agosto 2018

Sesiones Oracle ODevC Day 2018

HorarioAuditorioSala/Room A303Sala/Room A302
8:30  a 9:00Acreditaciones
9:00 a 9:05Bienvenida/Opening
9:05 a 9:50Building great apps with great SQL - by Connor McDonnaldOracle RAC Performance Internals - by Anil NairOracle Database Backup Service: Backup of On-Premise Databases to Cloud - by Matheus Boesing
9:50 a 9:55BreakBreakBreak
9:55 a 10:40Saving Your Database from Alzheimer’s: Analytic Performance Improvements From Oracle 12cR2 Database In-Memory (DBIM) - by Jim Czuprynski Serverless with Oracle, Oracle FN Project- by Rolando CarrascoMaking databases smarter and faster: innovations enabled by engineering software and hardware together - by Cris Pedregal
10:40 a 10:45BreakBreakBreak
10:45 a 11:3020 years of hints and tips - by Connor McDonnaldOracle Client Failover Best Practices - by Anil NairHow to Diagnose Oracle Database Upgrade Issues by Roy Swonger
11:30 a 12:00Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break
12:00 a 12:45Leveraging Partitioned External Tables: Primer and Practical Examples - by Jim Czuprynski Best Practices for API Design Using Oracle APIARY - by Rolando CarrascoAmazing Free Tools for Oracle DBAs - by Matheus Boesing
12:45 a 12:50BreakBreakBreak
12:50 a 13:35Oracle APEX 18.1 New Features - by Marc SewtzJNoSQL: The Definitive Solution for Java and NoSQL Database - by Otavio SantanaMaximum Availability Architecture for the Oracle Database - by Cris Pedregal
13:35 a 14:35LunchLunchLunch
14:35 a 15:20Be pragmatic - by Henri TremblayDesarrollo Java en la nube de Oracle - by Alexis LopezOracle Database Migration and Consolidation Techniques - by Matheus Boesing
15:20 a 15:25BreakBreakBreak
15:25 a 16:10Upgrade to Oracle Database 18c: Live and Uncensored! by Roy SwongerMaking Graph Databases Fun Again With Java - by Otavio SantanaAPEX 18.1 and the REST of the world - by Marc Sewtz
16:10 a 16:40Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break
16:40 a 17:25Understanding the New Release and Patching Model for Oracle Database by Roy SwongerLearn Java 8: Lambdas and Functional Programming - by Henri TremblayDesarrollando Aplicaciones Nativas en Bases de Datos en la Nube - by Rita Nunez
17:25 a 17:40Cierre/ClosingCierre/ClosingCierre/Closing

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