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Oracle Developer  Tour 2017

El Viernes  17 de Noviembre de 2017 , tendremos el primer evento para desarrolladores, Oracle Developer Tour, evento muy esperado por toda la comunidad de desarrolladores Oracle de Chile. La idea es compartir de Oracle APEX, PL/SQL Best Practices, Java frameworks, contenedores (docker, openshift, …), frameworks de desarrollo, metodologias ágiles, desarrollo en la nube, desarrollo mobile, tecnologías emergentes, y mucho más!!.

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Dirección: Av Belavista 7, Recoleta, Santiago

Sala: Salon de exposiciones

Entrada liberada

Fecha: 17 de Noviembre 2017

Sesiones ODT 2017

9:00Is Your JavaScript Ready for the Enterprise? What Does That Even Mean?John "JB" BrockConfirmadoJavaScript in the enterprise? Does that even make sense? After years of developing Java applications in the enterprise, many developers have become curious about what JavaScript can do for them. In this session, you will be introduced to some of the issues that arise when writing a large JavaScript application that needs to meet the needs of the enterprise environment. You will also be introduced to the concepts of modularity, responsive JavaScript, mobile development with JavaScript, as well as a range of JavaScript transpilers. By the end of this session, you will have a thorough understanding of whether JavaScript is a sensible solution for you in developing enterprise JavaScript applications, today.
10:00Create a chatbot using Oracle Technology in less than 60 minutesRolando Carrasco
ConfirmadoIn this session you will learn how to create a chatbot using Oracle Cloud Services Technology. We will learn the usage of Oracle Chatbot Cloud Service integrated with Oracle API Platform CS. The session will take
10:45Coffee break
11:00How to Handle the Complexity of Migrate to Microservices from Monolithic Ten year
Alberto SalazarConfirmadoOn this session, attendees will learn about a real world migration case involving a 10 years JEE monolithic application to Microservices; tips, tricks, pros, cons and the reasons for being involved on a microservices
12:30My APIs, your APIs, everybodys APIs. A deep dive into Oracle API Platform Cloud Services
Rolando CarrascoConfirmadoWe are living on a digital transformation era and one of the pillars are the Web APIs. APIs are present in most of the activities we do digitally speaking. Every time we take an uber, watch a Netflix series, post a message in FB, play Pokemon, we are interacting with APIs. But how can my company get into this API economy? But how can we implement an API strategy?
14:30Application Express. Desarrollo para nube / web / móvil, low code / no code / full control
Marcelo BurgosConfirmadoEn esta presentación se mostrá operando Oracle Application Express, y sus componentes de desarrollo, para nube / web / móvil, low code / no code / full control
15:30Oracle Database 12c for Developers
Marcelo Beltrán
Germán Pabón
ConfirmadoEn esta presentación se hablará de Apex (Oracle Application Express), SQL Developer, DBCS (Oracle Database Cloud Service) , Oracle REST Data Services y nuevos features de 12c en general
16:15Coffe Break
16:30Restful Services with the Play Framework, MySQL, and a Security Level with JWT
Mercedes WyssConfirmadoThe Play Framework, based on a lightweight, stateless, web-friendly architecture, is a great framework for easier, faster, complex web development, including RESTful services, and is reactive. Based on Scala, you can choose between using Java or Scala for development. This session explores Play framework characteristics, how to create a RESTful service, connecting Play to a MySQL database, and adding a security level with JWT (JSON Web Token).


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